Food. For Cats.

Cats are family.

We share our home, our beds, our Friday nights in.

They can be as playful as siblings, as needy as children, and as supportive as parents.

We go out of our way to understand their quirks, to learn how best to show our love, and decode how they show theirs.

But when it comes to their food, despite our best efforts, we’re still not sure where we stand.

The internet is flooded with misinformation. Our vets recommend one thing, our friends recommend another. And every cat food, from kibble to canned, claims to be ‘natural’ and ‘grain-free.’

It’s hard to decide who to trust, and harder to decide what to buy.

We believe that good food shouldn’t be rocket science. It should be simple and wholesome. It should be trustworthy and transparent. And if that means we have to cook it ourselves, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

We’ll start by getting back to the basics. Back to whole ingredients, simple recipes, and freshly-cooked food. Not cat food. Not kibble or ‘wet’ food. Just real food. With real nutrition.

Because our family is everything.
Now we can feed them like it.

Introducing Smalls.
Food. For Cats.

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